Prezzo has narrated a story of when his mother gave his father an ultimatum.

Prezzo was born in Pumwani and raised in Eastleigh for ten years and his mother wanted to change the environment and move elsewhere but is dad wanted to buy a Benz instead.

Prezzo told CTA that;

‘The environment wasn’t doing it for us. In Eastleigh people get into so much mischief. At the time I remember my dad got some liquid cash and came home and said he was going to buy a Benz.’

‘I was excited.’

‘My mum gave my mzee an ultimatum, either you buy a house or you can kiss me goodbye because even if you buy a car you’ll find it on top of stones because of the neighborhood you are in.’

‘My dad had no option but to move us to Lang’ata.’


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His dad also had to change the school Prezzo was studying at, thanks to his mother.

‘They say a woman is the backbone of a family,’

At the time Prezzo was listening to alot of songs which propelled him to get into the music industry.

For over two decades now, Prezzo is a legend having released many hits.