Do you date a sponsor or do you have a pal who dates one?

I have a pal who once dated a fossil. The two would leave me rolling on the floor just seeing them struggling to be all lovey dovey.

It’s so hard being a lass who has to date an old man, just so that she can get lavish items to floss on Instagram.

How many slay queens do you see flaunting yet you know very well they can’t afford the lifestyle they post on social media? Yes guys. Behind her luxurious lifestyle is a sponsor.

So today on the morning show Kiss fm presenters Adelle and Shaffie wanted to find out from listeners if they should or should not respect girls who date sponsors.

Chics who date sponsors shouldn’t expect respect TRUE OR FALSE?

Two chicks called to tell us their experience of dating sponsors.

Here’s what they said:

“It is like any other relationship and I celebrate my sponsor because men are meant to provide, you get a sponsor who is providing that a man.” Said a lady on phone call. ” I have a sponsor 55-years-old and I’m 35. But he does a good job, they are better than even these boyfriends.” She added.

The second chick said  “I have a sponsor who is like a boyfriend and we go out for date  with my friends and he is the only partner that I have right now. He respects me so much and when I’m invited for a party I can tell him to come if he can and I’m okay with it.” Another lady said through the phone call. “He is 62 years old and am 21.” She added.

Here are some hilarious responses.