Adelle is one of the kindest, warmest, coolest and most positive people I’ve ever met. Her mum may have left earlier but the bubbly radio presenter has got a bright life ahead. She’s one of the most inspiring personalities and her fans love her to bits.
This was evident during her birthday when she received a lot of gifts and appreciation from her fans who visited the offices

Here’s the photo she posted on her IG:


“Probably the realist I’ve gotten since you left – I have less inhibitions.

I loathe that I have to talk about you in past tense and that I can’t remember our last conversation. I remember the day just not what we talked about. I don’t remember your voice and that sucks too.

The battle is trying not to forget the greatest heartbreak i.e your death when the coward in me (that’s not about that pain) thinks forgetting means healing. Foolish, I know.

#ThreeYearsToday #PleaseDontTellMeToTakeHeart #IdontLikeOrUnderstandThatPhrase”

Cheer on Adelle.