Kisii pastor

A video of a Kisii woman throwing flying kicks at her pastor’s husband has gone viral. In the video, the man complains about his pastor wife, claims she had denied him conjugal rights for two years, and sleeps in jeans with a belt on.

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The video has ignited mixed reactions and on Thursday, it was the morning conversation on Classic 105. Several people called Maina Kageni and others tweeted him sharing their experiences.

Below are the reactions;

Sharon Kisii women are fire! The things they do to their husbands wacha tuu.

Martin Kim Maina, Kisii women are dramatic kwa ploti ni vita tu na wanaumme wa wenyewe. Actually they fight men. Ridiculous

Alex Kimani Kisii women are fire and we know them. If you’re a drunkard

Apondi Frank I have a Kisii wife. She’s everything I ever wanted ❤️ but the level of madness she posses when pissed off can make you go into self-quarantine

Prince Vince Ukiona nilivuka kuoa Meru kuna jambo

Marconi George They are fire especially when it comes to bed matters

Kipkurui Mimi nilisema kisii,mkamba na mjaka..hao siwezi oa…

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Ruth Bonah Moto kama pasi upuzi hatupendangi bythaway and monkey business otherwise we wife materials..but again there must be smth behind the whole story of that lady . wat i know is our kisii men can’t stay for that long without sex.. Maybe the guy is a problem.

Casbeth Okesh Without smoke hawapendi ujinga

Elvis Echessah Most Noisy one kwa plot

Ben Kemboi Mke mkisii ni kama sauti ya token haijalipiwa; titititi

Timothy Mwaks She will beat you up if you don’t satisfy her in beat. Ask #tony my friend.

Sharon Sharon What I saw from my neighbours in gusii land only God knows why… really suffer silently

Everlyne Achieng Wanapiga tu wanaume wao .mwingine hapa kwangu huanika Hadi kamisi ya Bibi yake.

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