The last two months NTV’s Dennis Okari and his estranged wife Betty Kyallo have been the talk of the town, and it seems the trend is continuing, despite both of them having remained silent. It all started as a rumour but right now, it has become real. The two are no longer together; they don’t share a bed anymore.

MWANAUME KAMILI! You Will Be Shocked By What Dennis Okari Has Just Done Following His ‘Breakup’ With Betty Kyallo

Many stories have been said and written about the once-upon-a-time power couple but all in all, we hope they will work things out very soon. Dennis Okari has been mocked on different social media pages, with some even referring to him as a “fool”, but let us hope at least he has learned something.

Well, popular Facebook bigwig Okari’s tribesmate has come out to reveal a lot about the soft-spoken NTV’s investigative reporter, in what has shocked many.

” …In Dennis Okari, we see a lot of what is wrong with the middle-class urban Kisii man of 2016, who has totally drifted off the course and role our forefathers prescribed to us as the head of the family. Just four observations from Kisii men who have observed more than he has.

Pull a seat and read the long message below