Kirinyaga deputy Governor Peter Ndambiri

Kirinyaga deputy governor peter Ndambiri has finally spoke out after  a clip of him in his birthday suit was circulated widely in the internet.

The clip is far from flattering with the deputy governor being slapped around by men who we don’t get to see.


The Kirinyaga deputy governor says: “Mimi ni mwanasiasa. Mimi si Deputy Governor.”

In the hopes that he will throw them off his scent, but the man then slaps Ndambiri and forces him to state his position while the woman tries to cover her nakedness.

After many slaps, the Kirinyaga deputy governor confesses to having an affair with the woman who is seen crying.

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Now, the Kirinyaga deputy governors has broken his silence over the viral ‘cheating’ video clip saying it was a set up by “a racket of criminals targeting politicians and those with deep pockets for extortion.”

Ndambiri, speaking at Thika police station, refuted claims that he had eloped with Elizabeth Njuguna – the woman in the video.

“It is a clique of gangsters who are targeting the rich and politicians with an aim of extorting money from them. I fell into their trap,” he said.

It has also emerged that the incident occurred in an estate within Thika and not at Kakamega as was speculated after the clip was published.

Governors and county officials have been in Kakamega since Monday for the fifth devolution conference.

“They set me up and put me through a very agonising and traumatising moment,” the deputy governor said after recording a statement with the police.

One of the Ndambiri’s confidante said the extortionists were demanding Sh 5 million from the politician so as not to publish the video clips and photos.

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The DG reportedly managed to source Sh1.3 million of the cash demanded, to the dissatisfaction of his attackers.

Without delving much into the details of the entire ordeal, Ndambiri said he feared that the assailants would have harmed or even killed him since they were armed with machetes.

“I, however, thank God that I am still alive. Those people would have killed if I didn’t comply with their orders and demands,” he said.

Kirinyaga deputy Governor Peter NdambiriHe said that the whole episode, that has elicited mixed reactions among Kenyans online, has brought him a lot of shame.

“But I want to tell my family that I am sorry and that I cherish and treasure that they have stood with me all along.”

To the people of Kirinyaga, he said he remains optimistic that “the distressing wave will come to an end.”

Ndambiri added that the entire shaming episode and circulation of the video clip on social media is the work of his detractors.

He accuses the team of being out to stop him from diligently executing his responsibilities to Kirinyaga people.

“Law enforcers should thoroughly investigate this matter, arrest and parade these criminals in public in broad daylight,” Ndambiri said.

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Kirinyaga Jubilee Party vice chairman Muriithi Kang’ara said that the county’s politics is to blame for the ordeal.

He said the assailants were not only out to extort money from the deputy governor but also to soil his name and reputation.

Kirinyaga deputy Governor Peter NdambiriKang’ara said the woman in the video clip posed as a property owner in an estate in Thika and promised to show the deputy governor a house.

“The armed assailants entered the unoccupied house and ordered the two to undress while they were taking videos and photos. The woman was used as bait by the gangsters. These people are from Kirinyaga and know the Deputy Governor and his family well,” the Jubilee official added.

“We read politics in the whole ordeal. They are being used to defame the DG,” Kang’ara said asking the police to act swiftly and arrest the culprits.

He said the group is known and that it is not the first time they are committing such criminal acts.

“We know they have not been sparing Men of God either. They should be arrested and taken to a court of law,” he said.

A senior police officer in Thika said that the matter is being investigated.

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