Sauti Sol

Kenya’s finest afro-pop band Sauti Sol is indomitable. The band made up of four Bien Aime Baraza, Chimano Willis, Savara Mudigi and guitarist Polycarp Otieno has set the bar soo high for artistes in Africa.

Sauti Sol launched their Midnight Train album on their Youtube channel on Saturday night and attracted more than 130,000 people watching.

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The virtual experience left fans of the band across the globe mesmerised and one Richard Njau, took to social media to explain how social media gives work, praising Sauti Sol for making history. He went ahead to compared their live with Nyashinski’s which was also big.

It is important to understand the epic-ness that we just witnessed so I’ll try and break it down from a numbers perspective and layman it. Also coz what we witnessed was pure awesome! Now for comparison sake before. Sautisol, Nyashinski ‘s live from a MUSICAL perspective had topped in terms of numbers. Now when I say numbers there’s quite a bit you need to understand and you can’t just compare the two. E.g. Nyashinski Live-streamed his event on 3 platforms VS Sautisol who just had a YouTube Live-stream. Marketing for both events was different with Sautisol going heavy on mainstream media, audience understanding, appreciation and acceptance of live wasn’t where it is now, etc, etc… rona done changed things! Also comparison is simply to show the #MentalDigitalShift that’s happened since RONA checked in… both are winners and are playing such a huge part in raising the African musical banner across the world!’ he explained.


In short, Sautisol’s live just filled an international STADIUM!! And I ain’t talking Kasarani! In fact they filled Kasarani and Nyayo Stadium! At their peak they had 32,440 devices and if we multiply that by a screen factor of 1.5 that’s over 45K PEOPLES watching the live SIMULTANEOUSLY! But over 100K devices (without screen factor) attended the gig! Some arrived early… some left early! Some chilled and stayed! (hitting replay on that live)… and some are now coming! (hence why the views will keep going up!!!)

He concluded;

What these boys have done is EPIC! They have raised the Kenyan and African banner to a place where no other musician has done! Take time to APPRECIATE and support these guys! We are blessed to have you guys! Keep raising the bar! Mad respect!

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More reactions from fans include;

TerryAnne Chebet I was alive when the magic happened! Thank you @sautisol
Now 2020 can start.

Morena Kibe Sauti sol for lifeRed heart

Lexa Wendy Thanks for blessing us!Everyday inspiration.We root for you!

Frank Munesh If I had a voice like Chimano’s I would never be able to move in silence. #MidnightTrainAlbumLaunch

Silas Miami It’s Polycarp shredding his fingers effortlessly.
It’s Bien singing circles around ALL your faves. It’s Savara playing EVERY INSTRUMENT! It’s Chimano – serving OPULENCE and excellence. After more than a decade of delivering great music, It’s Sauti Sol for me.

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Sauti Sol are set to headline the Kenya NiYetu Live virtual concert on Saturday 29 August.

It will be streamed live on and all major TV stations.

Check the poster below.