If you are looking for someone who can pull big time stunts, stunts you wouldn’t think of then look no further…. Pretty Mike has done them all.

Here are some of the crazy things he has done:

Showing up at a wedding with six pregnant women who he claims are all his baby mamas

Here is where the controversy comes in the other day he shared to his Instagram,’

‘You see people like me, it’s just a meme for us, I can post things like “I’m f*cking someone’s babe” right now, meanwhile I’m just chilling in my bedroom watching Netflix. That’s the whole idea, to mislead y’all 🤣 …….’

Pretty  Mike went ahead to speak on the value of celibacy.

’I’m simply saying protect ur aura. Respect ur body, celibacy is not so bad.’

All this by a man who showed up with 6 pregnant ladies he branded his baby mama!!!

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Attending wedding with dwarfs

Pretty  Mike never shows up at events like a normal person. He showed up with his 4 guests 2 male 2 female

Chaining women with dog tags and pulling them around like pets

This stunt caused an uproar. How did he come up with such a crazy idea and the fact that people agreed to be pulled around shows he is not the only crazy one.

Being carried by heavily built men like a king

Pretty Mike got himself six able bodied men to carry him around dresses in shorts.

Attending a wedding with five brides

Yes five of them. He didn’t do your usual plus one but instead brought five of them. All of them were dressed in wedding gowns and he was in a suit and said it was one of his fantasies to marry 2 of his exes and 3 of his girlfriends,

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Women wearing horns

Pretty  Mike also went ahead to dress up in white and  his female companions wore horns as they dressed in black.

He stated the motivation behind him dressing that way is, ‘I woke up this morning and a female fan of mine pleaded that she would love to make love to me with my horns on.’

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Women dressed as nuns

Please note they were not the usual ground sweeping dresses but rather mini dresses with the nun design and as usual he was accompanied by more than two women.

Let’s also not forget he was the first person in Africa to purchase the Samantha doll, are these women not enough?