king kaka

Rapper King Kaka ametoka mbali. He knows what hustling is.

King Kaka saw his parents eke out a living in Nairobi, a merciless concrete jungle. His mum was selling fruits and his dad was a caretaker in Upperhill.

Unfortunately, the dad passed on 19 years ago.

The only income left was that of his mother. King Kaka later started out his music career like any other upcoming artiste, from the bottom.

King Kaka experienced the harsh reality of having doors slammed in his face and opportunities to make money in the industry become that much harder, to come by.

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But due to endurance and steely determination, King Kaka has built a pretty profitable music empire for himself.

He recognised this fact in a tribute to his dad, Julius Ombima. King Kaka laments about how bereft he feels not having to tell his father news of his success in the music industry.

He wrote,

“Just a few years ago, my mother alikuwa bado anauza matunda industrial area na my father was a caretaker at some building in Upper Hill. Now one of their sons has become a household name and moreso the standard of living has really improved thanks to the Almighty. And with all these achievements that I am getting, I just wish I could pick up the phone and call my father and tell him ‘I have been nominated’, ‘I am going for a gig this Friday’, ‘my song is doing well’ ‘I love you’ but Its so many years now, a phonecall can’t reach him. Wish he was around…Your sons are working hard and to make sure your wife gets the great life she deserves. We miss you. Happy Anniversary.”

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