The brains behind music company, Kaka Empire has ruffled feathers after claiming that school dropouts are more successful than university graduates.

KOT was in a tizzy with many asking him for data to back up that statement. Many just insulted him, claiming he is out to get retweets.

King Kaka, a graduate himself tweeted,

“Drop outs are more successful than graduates. Hard Truth.”

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Here are the heated reactions elicited by King Kaka’s tweet.

@Rowbowz: The number of successful drop-outs are countable but successful graduates can’t be counted. The number of unsuccessful graduates are many but countable but the number of unsuccessful drop-outs are uncountable. Remember successful drop-outs might be buoyed by their talents or skills which can equate to education. If you are a dropout and manage to play for an EPL team then we can translate that to a PhD.

@_fels1: Because we live in a society where a graduate has to throw away papers and hustle like a drop-out. Regrettable.

@Jecton_Onyango: Top 5 richest people on earth currently walienda university wote (top two of the 5 did their master’s)….it’s what you get out of campus that matters and your mentality…that statement is misleading (no offence)

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@Jecton_Onyango: Ellon musk amefanya hadi Phd in Physics soon tutaishi mars… Tupende books, chuo na knowledge…. Success is not found in schools… Schools gives us knowledge. whatever we do with that knowledge depends on whether we ‘succeed’ or not.

@katen_ke: Pesa kidogo umeanza kudanganya wengine ,haaya

@sizwe_wa: That’s the bitter truth. But some of us in the world of education are hard to tell that truth.

@anericod: Talk is cheap, show us the data.

@aVirtualVoyager: Bill Gates and Zuckerberg.

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