King Kaka cannes festival

King Kaka has been on the road for six days for a walk called ‘The Menstrual Walk’ as part of his initiative Sanitary Bank Campaign, which seeks to end period poverty in marginalised areas.

He embarked on the week-long trek from Nakuru to Nairobi on August 19, with many Kenyans in tow, including Wyre and Nameless.

King Kaka has a target to keep at least 100,000 girls in school by providing them will sanitary towels. The programme aims to reduce the number of girls who miss out on school due to lack of sanitary products.

Speaking to Word Is, Kaka said they are doing a tally to know the amount raised so far. “We noticed we were pushing for Sh600 to keep one girl in school for a year but most Kenyans don’t have that money,” he said.

“So we covered 199 steps the whole week. We will change the steps into money and we are telling guys that they can buy the steps,” he said.

Although the government has been providing free sanitary towels in schools, most girls still miss school during menstruation period.

“The fact that the government has provided a conducive environment for organisations such as this one to exist, so we can keep more girls in school, I don’t know how they distribute the sanitary pads, but allowing us to serve is a plus to them,” Kaka said.

King Kaka

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To be part of King Kaka’s BankOnMe initiative, visit the website to donate and help provide a glimmer of hope to the thousands of young women facing menstrual poverty in Kenya.