King Kaka

Rap royalty, King Kaka has decided to unveil the face of his son, Prince Iroma today.

In a candid post, King Kaka who is married to Nana Owiti have two children together . Iroma is the youngest with an older sister called Gweth.

Prince Iroma’s big sister Gweth

To unveil the face, this message was posted on Prince Iroma’s IG

“Hello guys. Finally, 9 months later here’s my face without an emoji. Who do I resemble?Mommy or daddy?”

King Kaka’s son, Iroma Ombima

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Sample some of the responses.

kushna_kunta_lamar: Sweet kuchumuchu😍😍💕 Aki izo mashavu na macho ni ya #Nana…. Mapua na lips plus kichwa ni ya @thekingkaka💯💯🔥

merciemie: He is a prince indeed….. looks like mummy

dottie_dorothy: Cute baby here. You are resemble both but mummy more.
pookyness#Mama the eyes,nose, ears, mouth hehe

celineodhiambo: I love him already.. little simba 😊❤️❤️❤️❤️ he looks like both of yall..

lor_kodi: @nanaowiti huyu ni wewe mommy😂😂😂macho ni ya Geezy😂

jaelchebby: @thekingkaka wewe baki tu na #Geezy… @princeiroma ni wa mamake 💯💯💯 @nanaowiti.

tinah_pkb: Mummy everywhere…. Daddy’s muscle maybe.

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Hata kama hafanani baba, here is King Kaka with the litto angel having some precious father-son moments.

King Kaka’s son, Iroma Ombima
King Kaka’s son, Iroma Ombima
King Kaka’s son, Iroma Ombima
King Kaka’s son, Iroma Ombima

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