Kenyan artistes have blasted Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) over what they termed as peanut royalty payments for their music.

King Kaka took to his social media to question what criteria MCSK, used and how such little money is disbursed among its over 13,000 members.

Kwanza Kabisa I thought it was just @khaligraph_jones anazusha then I got my fair share. Watu kama @SautiSol watatumia hii doh aje surely??

If my math serves me right 2500 * 15,000 members that’s 37,500,000, MCSK are you sure you collected 37M in one year.

‘Tumechoka!’ Kenyan artistes go ham on MCSK after paying them peanuts

Sauti Sol

King Kaka went on to wonder why MCSK would pay Kenyan artistes peanuts yet they are driving the latest machines.

According to King Kaka, it is very sad to prosper at the expense of other people’s suffering.

Na nikikuja kwa your offices it’s all new cars na muliingia kwa ofisi mkiwa kwa Boda. This is very sad and siku moja tutakuja kwa hizo ofisi.

Kukula jasho ya Mtu Mwingine ni laana.

Anyway Wacha nikanunue nyumba Na hii pesa yangu, if you are selling a property kindly DM serious DMs only.

Sasa ntaambia nini watoi wangu?

Khaligraph Jones was the first to call them out, adding that he has given Kenyans a right to pirate his music.

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