Zari Hassan with new lover
Mange says that Zarina is lying about having a new lover

Zari’s third marriage to mystery man King Bae is over.

The two wed in a lowkey event on July 18, 2019. Zari confirmed the nuptials in an interview with Millard Ayo saying they took place at the home affairs office in South Africa.

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Zari with her husband
Lovebirds Zari and Michael show off their wedding rings

In the interview, Zari described the feeling of tying the knot as scary but beautiful. She went on to praise the man only known as King Bae for being a caring, loving partner who has accepted her five children as his and that he is close with her boys.

She also revealed that King Bae had bought the mother of five a house in Pretoria which they moved into in September after the transfer of documentation is concluded.

In a recent media interview in Tanzania, Zari was asked if she is still together with King Bae and if indeed he was real.

She said, “Yes he was there. he was such a chilled guy.”

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Zari with King bae
Zari with King bae at their new house


“It did not last, and everyone went their own way, we still talk once in a while, briefly, ‘How are you? How are the kids?’ because he was still attached to our lives.”

Asked what happened, what caused the split? Zari explained,

“There are things that happened that, I could see that. I’m not…i don’t know.  With love, stuff happens or let me say Sh*t happens.”

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