Kipyegon Kenei,
Police officer Kipyegon Kenei, who was found dead in Imara Daima's Villa Franca estate

The question everyone is asking is, who pulled the trigger?

Because the bullet that killed Sergeant Kipyegon Kenei was fired from a gun held at his chin.,

He died at once.

The bullet exited through his forehead.

Chief government pathologist Johansen Oduor said the pistol was put at a firm contact with Kenei’s skin under his chin just after the fore lower jaw bone and the trigger pulled.

The examination was conducted together with three other pathologists representing Kenei’s family.

Mungu wape nguvu! Photos of Kenei’s family at the postmortem

The results, however, returned an inconclusive verdict on key questions surrounding the death of a police officer who was working in the second-highest office in the land.

Kenei, 33, worked at Deputy President William Ruto’s Harambee House Annex office’s on the second floor where the DP’s office is located.

His body was found in his single-roomed house at Villa Franca estate in Imara Daima area of Embakasi on February 20.

A police report shows the body was discovered by Charles Ng’ang’a at about 2 pm after he noticed a foul smell emanating from the house.

With the principal question of what killed him settled by the postmortem, what was unanswered is the question on who pulled the trigger.

If Kenei killed himself, then it would qualify as suicide – the initial narrative by the authorities.

However, if he was shot by someone else, it becomes homicide.

Kenei was expected to record a statement with the DCI in connection with the probe of the Sh40 billion fake arms deal involving former Sports CS Rashid Echesa.

He was at work on the day Echesa and his co-accused are said to have visited the DP’s office in the planning of the military tender.

The timing of his death has raised eyebrows, given he was to be interrogated.

Kenei’s body laid peacefully with blood oozing only from the two wounds at the point of gun contact under the chin and at the forehead.

“What we are yet to establish is whether it was suicide or homicide. And being that there are so many other investigations going on to establish that we have taken samples so that now we will be able to make an opinion over that,” Oduor told reporters after the autopsy at the Chiromo Mortuary.

Kipyegon Kenei did not struggle – postmortem results

He said no other injuries or bruises nor any sign of struggle were discernible on the body, ruling out the likelihood of resistance by the officer or any struggle.

Samples from the body, Oduor said, were collected for toxicological analysis to determine, among others, if there was for any soot from the firearm to help simplify the rigmarole. The samples include swabs from the hands and injury wounds.

The autopsy established that the body was starting to undergo decomposition, affirming speculations the officer did not die n the day his body was discovered.

“The body was starting to undergo decomposition, so we’ll give it roughly one to two days, rough estimates,” Oduor said.

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In a bid to answer the question of who pulled the trigger to end Kenei’s life, Oduor said he will lead his team to the scene of crime on Thursday.

“There are numerous questions that can only be answered when the results of the postmortem are analyzed together with the forensic facts from the scene of crime,” he said.

The police report that adopted the angle of suicide for initial stages of investigations cited a note found beside the body of the officer.

“Call my cousin Ben 0703114116, brother 0720273133,” the note said.

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Police treated it as a suicide note.

Kenei’s family rejected the suicide narrative immediately the claim was made but appeared to have climbed down with a member telling the Star they were open to conclusions from credible investigations.

The source said the DP has been in touch with Kenei’s father and conveyed his sympathies and pledged to support the family.

Lang’ata MP Nixon Korir, who the Star learned, comes from the same village as Kenei was present during the autopsy. It is said they grew up together.

The Star/ Gordon Osen