Kirinyaga deputy Governor Peter Ndambiri

The criminals who hijacked Kirinyaga Deputy Governor Peter Ndambiri and forced him to undress are still threatening him after he failed to give them money.

Ndambiri said he is living in fear for his life because of the threats. He was allegedly hijacked in April when his naked video was circulated online.

Speaking at a public baraza at Wanguru DC offices, Ndambiri said the arrest and prosecution of some of his kidnappers has not stopped the threats.

“The government should deal with these criminals conclusively. If they can intimidate a whole deputy governor, what about an ordinary person?” Ndambiri said.

Peter Ndambiri
Peter Ndambiri

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The meeting was held to find ways of ending increasing cases of armed robbery in Mwea.

“As you know, I was filmed while stark naked by these criminals and forced to confess many embarrassing issues at gun point. At long last, they robbed me of a lot of money yet they are still issuing threats against me,” he said. “I can’t continue living in perpetual fear. I dare them to come and face me now.”

Ndambiri said the gang tortured and humiliated him during the ordeal. He said most of his attackers were from the area.

“I escaped death by a whisker. It’s only through God’s grace that I’m alive today and can speak to you and explain what happened,” he said amidst cheers from amused residents.

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Kirinyaga deputy Governor Peter Ndambiri
Kirinyaga deputy Governor Peter Ndambiri

He called on the government to ruthlessly deal with criminals.

“I’m a victim, so I’m in a better position to tell you that these criminals do not need any mercy. They are supposed to be killed,” Ndambiri said.

Central regional coordinator Wilson Njenga, who attended the meeting, directed police to shoot and kill suspected gangsters who terrorise residents with guns.

Njenga asked police to use “ferocious power” when dealing with criminals, saying thugs should not be treated with kids gloves.

The administrator who was accompanied by top regional security chiefs said it was regrettable that innocent residents continue to lose their lives in the hands of merciless gangsters.

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Kirinyaga deputy Governor Peter Ndambiri

He said politicians were protecting criminals by bailing them out whenever arrested and taken to court.

“I’m very disturbed by the actions of some of our leaders who have become gatekeepers for the criminals. They are quick to call police, pleading for the release of criminals. We can’t allow that,” Njenga said.

He urged police not to fear using their firearms when confronted by criminals.

“You were given those guns to deal with criminals. Use them to bring law and order. We don’t want to hear criminals killing innocent people again,” Njenga said.

He said a police post will be set up at Ndindiruku where gangsters killed two people a week ago.

Mwea MP Kabinga Thayu asked police to hunt down criminals and strengthen security.


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