Octopizzo vs Khaligraph Jones

Octopizzo is beefing but Khaligraph Jones is done with him. The rapper is fed up with the fact that people are still stirring his beef with the Namba Nane rapper.

Octopizzo has unearthed the beef once again after he released the song ‘Noma Ni,’ a song that is said to have been directed to the Kayole turf.

Octopizzo says “Niliwapeleka kaburini so, wanajua ni mazishi na kwa hiyo matanga yenu jo huskii tutadishi…Na kama bado una-hate on octopizzo kill yourself and die.”



We reached out to Khaligraph to get his response,  and on what he thinks about the diss.

“I haven’t had a chance to listen to it. If I get a chance I’ll listen to it. I’m always listening to people’s albums.”

“Why would I respond to disses right now? People are trying to bring back the beef thing. They should realize that in the past two years, I’ve refrained from that. I was dissing with the guy like three years ago. I 2018 I’m 28 years, I want to do collabos with  the likes of Jay Z, Cassper and AKA. So taking me back to Octo limits my progression.”

He added:

“You know I’m the OG. If I was to diss a person, I’d have done that. Mimi siekangi mtu. Octo nimemueka on the side. I feel that story pulls me back. Octo is always dissing me in most of his songs but I never take it. If he feels like he needs to rap about me, its all good.”

Jones says he is ready to work with Jay Z, if he only got a chance. Octo kando!

“If I could get a chance to work with Jay Z. I’m always raping about him on my songs. Or even Eminem.”

‘Cashy and I are over’ Khaligraph Jones (Exclusive)

Recently, he was recognized as ‘The Best’ rapper by Nigeria’s Patoranking:

“Its always a good feeling when you see other poeple, expecially people who are not even from your country appreciating your craft. Personally, I’ve never met Patoranking before. I know him as an artiste. For a person of his Caliber to lament such a statement, makes you feel good and gives you the motivation to work harder. This is patoranking and he is an international artiste. For him to say that means alot to me.”

Khaligraph who is set to release an album this year is expected to bring Kisumu to a standstill at the Fanzone alongside Nameless, DJ Joe Mfalme, Jua Cali among others.