Kilimani Mums wako super thirsty this December.They have given their uncensored opinions about a photo of Bien Aime Barasa of Sauti Sol that has gone viral.

Bien has been on the lips of many Kenyans after he blasted Bahati for saying the gospel industry has failed its fans. He also said that Sauti Sol, Nyashinski and Collo should win next year’s Groove Awards for their contribution to the music genre.

Nikipewa Siwezikataa!!! Sauti Sol’s Bien Responds To Bahati’s Comment Over Groove Awards

One member of the popular ‘secret’ Facebook page posted a photo of Sauti Sol’s award-winning vocalist on the page and did not even bother to caption it.

After all, a picture speaks a thousand words…

Here is the photo, followed by the hilarious comments by the city fisilets. Bien Aime kuja usome hii…

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Gone are the days when women were expected to be demure and couldn’t express themselves sexually. I will just sample the hilarious thirsty comments for your reading pleasure.


“Kwani zinauma ???”

“I thought nimeona tofauti peke yangu…But vile ameuma hiyo lip am having ideas…??????”

“It’s a fistfull????”

“Mbona haijafura?”

“The body, the height… Thiiitima.”

“Sweating……….. and the voice wololo.”

“Inakaa anaskia utamu fulani”

“Hehe semeni tu hakuna na labda amefunga kwa waist ????????????

“I have the tallest bae and he’s as tall as his tail so that’s a no no!!!”

“uja upewe mapenzi ya kiluyha..but where is his watch?”

“Kugrab anaconda nayo?”

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