The couple enjoying themselves in Dubai

Kenyan gospel artiste Bahati is one of the youngest and most successful musicians in the local entertainment industry, but in the last couple of months, he’s been the talk of the town, and not just for his music.

Bahati, real name, Kevin Kioko recently revealed the woman in his life, a Kenyan model and video vixen by the name Diana Marua, who featured as the main cast in his 2016 song Mapenzi.

Since he unveiled the stunning lady to the world, the two have been flaunting on social media showing off their love, with Bahati only referring to her as his “prayer partner”.


But it looks like their relationship is affecting other couples after a recent post emerged on Kilimani Mums and Dads.

According to one Facebook user by the name Kisii Bin Kisii, Diana Marua was previously married with children, after a photo of Bahati’s girlfriend emerged, with a handsome unknown man and two kids.

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In the photo, Diana Marua is seen embracing the hunk and the two children, all smiles. When the Facebook user shared the picture, the caption is what got said man angry, since he’s a married man.

Now, the man goes by the name Joe Mwaura. He got wind of the said picture which greatly upset him. He has since denied being Diana Marua’s ex-husband, further revealing that he’s happily married to an elegant wife.


He took to facebook to share the photo with a long caption elaborating that the picture was taken back in 2015 during a Nivea behind the scenes campaign shoot. He categorically denied he was ever involved romantically with Diana Marua in any way.

He then went on to threaten the person who had put up the post, demanding it be pulled down immediately or he would sue. Check out the post below.

Hi all,
Details regarding a certain post in the group “Kilimani Mums and Dads Nairobi Uncensored (Original)” comparing two pictures that seem to insinuate that Gospel musician Bahati is dating my alleged ex wife Diana Marua Dee have come to my attention.

Please note the following:
1. The picture of me and the alleged wife and kids was a behind the scenes shoot during a Nivea Campaign in year 2015 and under NO circumstances does it reflect my current situation.
2. The lady and children in the picture were part of the cast for the Nivea campaign.
3. I have a wife (My Prayer Partner) whose picture is clear in my profile and we are very happy together.
The post is in bad taste and may warrant a lawsuit from Diana, Bahati himself, the kids family and/or myself, if not pulled down with immediate effect.
Please note that my post serves as a legal warning.
Lastly, thank you to all those friends who have notified me about this post.
Have a nice day.