DJ Mo and Size 8 fight

No marriage is perfect and Size 8 and DJ Mo’s is a good example. They fight, break up and make up several times. The power couple has always shared heir struggles on their social media accounts and other interviews.

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Well, rumour has been going on for the past two weeks that DJ Mo was cheating on his wife. Size 8 left their matrimonial home with their two kids and word has it that she has been living at a popular city hotel.

In a pre-recorded show, which is set to air on Dine with the Murayas, Size 8 and DJ Mo had an altercation at a local restaurant.

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Size 8 was in the company a friend and her pastor Joan Chege, talking about launching her hair when DJ Mo appeared.

‘Huyu [her husband] anado nini hapa? (what is this one doing here?)’ she asked while looking at him with a frowny face.

DJ Mo told her,

‘At least nataka tu marriage yetu ikae.(All I want is for our marriage to be okay)’

‘Marriage gani?’ the mother of two interacted.


She continued;

‘Hakunibembeleza na hukuapologise. ALiniachanisha akaenda na mimi nikamuunfollow [instagram]’.

Speaking to his spiritual father Pastor Chris, the disc jockey said,

‘imecreate fracas mpaka kila mtu anajua nimecheat na nimefanya nini. Whatever! kakinuka wacha kanuke.’

Pastor Joan tried to cool the Mateke hitmaker down, and she told her the word was going round that she has left her matrimonial home.

‘sijali chenye watu wanaconclude. waseme venye wanataka. Right now I don’t care what they think about Size 8. Right now there’s no Size 8 on this table,’ she said throwing her hand at the woman of God.

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