J.J Gitahi

Controversial Kikuyu pastor J.J Gitahi has asked men to always remember to take care of their mothers and not to fall prey to Nairobi women.

According to J.J, most men came to Nairobi to eke out a living only to fall prey to the whims of beautiful slay queens.

‘The woman you suckled for years has nothing she can show off from you. Men, you should think about your priorities.

You meet a woman and she lets you suckle her bosom even though she cannot produce any milk.’

Bishop J.J Gitahi

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Gitahi added,

‘You suckle for three weeks and when she asks for a car you will go buy it. Yet you suckled your mother for three years but cannot buy her anything.’

J.J went on to say that some look confused and tired not from hunger but suckling boobs of Nairobi women.

‘You meet some men whose eyes look like they are popping out because of suckling too much on breasts that cannot produce milk. That is why even if I was being chased by an animal I cannot go to a club.’

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His advice to men is,

‘If you have money to buy women a car, buy your mum a car, first, get her out of that dusty house she lives in before you do it for the other woman.’

He added,

‘Nairobi women can milk you dry like an auctioneer who is claiming his property so men learn to love your mothers.

Women nowadays drink more than their fathers.’

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