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Simon Kabu of Bonfire Adventures, a leading African tours and travel company is a great example of grace to grass. From a matatu tout/makanga to a millionaire, Kabu’s story inspires many.

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Kabu is married to the one and only Sarah and they are blessed with two adorable kids. Well, just like many couples, the two have a love story and for the first time, Simon has opened up on how they met.

The father of two revealed that they met 11 years ago and he narrated how strangers turned into lovers.

Simon and Sarah Kabu

Below is the Kabus love story;

Let me tell you about this Day. It was Dec 1st 2007. 1st Day I met Sarah Kabu. We are in a google group that used to discuss anything and everything. We had not met before but this time people requested we meet for a team building. And coz of the way we used to contribute soberly online Sarah and I were chosen to be among the organizers of Teambuilding to Lukenya….I wanted so much to see her… and when we boarded the bus I stretched my hand to greet her and songead for her to sit with me. Shock on me she lengad me and went to sit with another Jamaa hapo nyuma. The guy was conversing in some British accent while I could only manage some makanga sheng.

Simon and Sarah Kabu
Simon and Sarah Kabu

He added;

I could see them excitedly discussing and laughing. I overheard him say he’s just clearing his MBA. Sema kiwaru….But God was always on this boychild’s side. When we arrived in Lukenya and started teambuilding I put myself in the same group as Sarah and made sure my competitor was in another group. I started throwing some ‘ newly learned poetic words’ without any compe. ( see the pic). During team building break I met ‘the guy’ and asked him…. by the way, Unajuaje Huyu dame? He said ‘ Huyu dame…….. ( the answer made my heart sink….. part 3 loading…. Guess what happened next?? #thekabus

To be continued