Otile Otile-Vera Sidika

Otile Brown is not letting people disrespect him again. He is not going to keep quiet as people continue to tarnish his name.

Otile Brown

It all started with Vera Sidika exposing him claiming that he was a one minute man in bed and his ‘banana’ was not good enough for her. This saw many troll Otile Brown on social media and recently he told off a fan who said that he was weak in bed.

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The singer shared photos hanging out with Diamond Platnumz ex and revealed that she was his friend. A female follower commented claiming that soon, the lady will expose him just like Vera did.

‘Hivi ndio unaanzaga my G, my bff, my homie kidogo tunaskia kijulubeng.

Otile responded;

Kijulubeng ni wewe. Usidanganywe, mimi napiga matako (a**) kama ajira (kazi), bora nipende mzigo.


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Check out the screenshot


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