Controversial gospel singer Bahati’s fans are not feeling him anymore. The Mama hitmaker has been involved in several scandals of late and recently, he was exposed for mistreating and disrespecting his artistes including Mr Seed’s wife.

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Well, yesterday during the Women’s day, Bahati penned a letter to his wife Diana Marua praising her for being by his side.

REASONS YOU’RE MY SPECTACULAR WOMAN ON THIS WOMEN’S DAY… My heart would like to Say More but Let me Say this.. First is to Thank you for your Love, Maturity and Patience in our Marriage. I Understand it’s not Any easy for any Woman to date a Man that is Making headlines every Week in this ERA & Season. But Sweerie thank you for Understanding that my Calling as a Public Figure I must go through this Coz no Real Success that’s Never Tested.

Najua the More I don’t respond they try to Touch you to reach to Me But please NAKUOMBA UNIVUMILIE🙏 .

He went ahead to thank her for accepting the fact that he had a child from a previous relationship and taking care of his daughter and adopted son.

Lastly; I Know I’ve never told you this but KUDOS for Loving me for who I am or Rather Who I was. Diana Apart from Taking care of my Adopted Son Morgan you Closed your eyes to my Past took me as ME. Thank you for Accepting the fact that I had a First Born Daughter MUENI; Understanding My Love for her and Taking her as Family. I Know this is Not easy and it will never be Easy but I Thank you for Letting God Use you in this. Not to Say Much but NOTHING Can Change the Fact that :I AM LUCKY.. I AM BLESSED.. I AM HAPPY TO HAVE YOU DIANA MARUA.

This didn’t go well with a section of his fans, who called him out for always referring to his son Morgan as adopted publicly.

Reactions include:

Chebet: When you adopt a son he becomes legally your son acha kushinda unasemamy adopted son when he grows up hatapendelea hii story trust me. You are not the first person to adopt a baby.

khadija Eti making headlines every week, Kijana si una kiburi! Hizo headlines unamake kwa kitanda au?

Ndwigaesi Ego will kill you

Purity Muthamia Your adopted son is your son. Don’t refer to him as adopted unless you don’t think he has rights as your child. If he could read this, then he won’t be happy.

Tony Antony Wait, did you say women’s day?
Alright, I think there is a difference between Women and grandmother’s
Wait for grandmother’s day so that you wish this one

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Lydiah Omariba Ofcourse she has to be mature,
She is not your agemate.

aliceb Unusual Mali Ukimaliza insha ulipe Mr.Seed sasa.Akona familia pia na bibi msupuu sana not to mention his handsome baby boy na anaitaji pesa zake.Donge?

Sheerý’z Of course, she has to be mature she’s not your age mate or do you expect her to behave childishly with al her age?

jacksonsimos @bahatikenya headlines?? I think am hearing from you 1st time since you broke up with Mr. Seed, I only hear much about Diana .. na ni matusi tu mimi uona, no headlines bro!!

wairimuguchu What happened to people loving mtoto wa mama??😂😂 those days akiishi zima….

call_me_greysea Haha kiburi bahati ako nayo

carol_esami Scandalous. Many women will love a man with money even if he had 12 kids. Yours is not news.

princess_risney He really thinks he’s FAMOUS famous 🤣

Jackie Shaiz Wait for grandmother’s day is loading, stop confusing us young boy,

mazmidadeluise The problem is telling it to everyone rather than just the 2 of u wow