Kimeumana. Baby mama number 4 is here!

Ali Kiba is making news at the coastal parts of Kenya. The father of 3 is being accused of impregnating a Mombasa lady who has already given birth.

The lady flew all the way to Dar Es Salaam to do what is termed as ‘getting justice’ for her already grown up kid. According to reports, the lass lost communication with the Chekecha Cheketua hit maker since she gave birth.

It is rumoured that everytime she tries to connect to Ali Kiba’s phone, the calls are declined.

It is said that the lass has already reported the case to the police as Ali Kiba denied the claims after he was given a right of reply.

“Dada gani..? Amlete mtoto sasa. Kama kuna mtu anaongea hivyo vitu si unaenda unamuona na unamsikiliza na kama ana mtoto lazima apime damu (DNA).” He told Soundy Brown

ali kiba

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Reports say that Kiba and the lady met when he was performing in one of his many shows in Mombasa.

This is not the first time that Kiba was accused of impregnating a Mombasa lady. Some time back, a lady claimed that she was pregnant for the bongo star and later reports had it that she might have gotten a miscarriage.


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