Jaguar rode a popular wave straight into the August House but it would seem he is about to take a painful lesson in the pain of being seen as a traitor.

Nairobi residents are tired of being mugged and walking around in fear. And the fact of the matter is that Nairobi’s city center has become unsafe ever since the governorship saw a change of guard. And Sonko who is the governor of Nairobi has been under fire over the issue of insecurity and he took some steps to try and manage the situation. He banned boda-bodas from the CBD.

Jaguar saw the situation as a way to gain political mileage by pandering to the boda-boda operators who also admit that they have thieves and muggers in their ranks. So to the rest of us, we see Jaguar simply frustrating the attempts at making Nairobi CBD safer.

On Sunday past, Jaguar was given a taste of what Nairobi residents think about his two-penny politicking when he went to pray and was heckled and booed for his garbage policymaking as the MP of Starehe. He was worshiping at the Redeemed Gospel Church in Jericho alongside William Ruto and Mike Sonko.

When he was introduced, the faithful at the church heckled him calling him kigeugeu using his own hit to hit at him.