Kifo hakina huruma kabisaaa. Death will come for you anytime and anywhere.

What you can do is live right and hope when the grimreaper sends death to your doorstep, you are at peace.

KIFO OHH KIFO! Former TV Anchor Anne Ngugi Is Mourning!

The merciless monster called death called upon a Zetech student. In this instance, death came in the form of brutally robbers.

The college student was stabbed to death in Nairobi’s Kayole estate on Friday and her body dumped on a footpath.

The 25-year-old, Philemon Koome Macharia’s body had multiple stab wounds.

Nairobi News reports that the police believe the Zetech College student was attacked by five gangsters who they later tracked down, killing one of them.

According to police, officers who rushed to the scene and caught up with the gang. The officers challenged them to stop but instead one of them shot at police.

A toy pistol, a knife, two live ammunition, a wrist watch, four mobile phones and Sh300 were recovered from the fallen gangster.

Yaani, these inhumane thieves killed the student for items that they eventually took from her. Why? Why take a life for items that are not worth it?

I hope the law catches up with them and the full force of the law and the entire book is thrown at them. May they rot in jail for eternity.

A family will be mourning the death of a loved one. A young promising life snuffed out before her time.

To all the Zetech students, poleni sana for your loss. For the family and friends of Philemon, our deepest condolences at this trying time.

Rest is eternal peace, Philemon Koome Macharia.

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