KIng Kaka

It requires no explanation that death is the most painful thing in the world any person can endure.

Losing a loved one is such a harrowing experience.

Death is no friend to anyone!!

Last year, rapper King Kaka lost one of his beloved nephews and this left the Baadaye hit maker devastated.

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To the honour of his departed nephew, King Kaka has teamed up with the talented RedFourth Chorus to release a single titled Senzenina.

RedFourth Chorus is the boy choir from Upper Hill School in Nairobi, famed for the Kuliko Jana hit with Sauti Sol.

Senzenina is Xhosa/Zulu meaning ‘What have we done?’.

The song is a rendition of the traditional South African folk song that is sang during funerals.

According to King Kaka, Senzenina is for all the loved ones lost, which seeks at speaking to them (the departed) questioning their love and why they left.

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“My brother lost his son last year and it affected me so much. I have lost many friends and family who were important. Why did they leave? This song is a vehicle to speak to them, where are you?” says King Kaka.

The song was produced by the creative Filah Tuju of Redfourth and the video was directed by J. Blessing of Link Global.

See it below:

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