Jane Mukami, Kenya’s fitness lady mourning.

Her brother passed away last year after he committed suicide due to post-traumatic stress disorder. Stephen ‘Mitu’ Githehu was in the American military. At one point in his life in 2015, he started acting weird which alarmed his family and friends. He never kept tabs with them and he never left his house.

After months of locking himself in, the sister called the cops who went to his apartment and reported that he was clean shaven and looked “normal.” He told the cops to tell his family to leave him alone. But clearly, something was wrong with Mitu.

His death being the most hurtful thing because there were signs but there is nothing the family could have done then. Two weeks ago, he texted his sister out of the blue saying he was about to get evicted from his apartment. He asked if she wanted his paintings. She of course said yes and they were able to meet. At that point, Jane Mukami asked him, “where will you move to?” He said she would know soon enough. She asked him to move in with him but he refused. A few days later the sheriff and team showed up to evict him. As soon as they walked into his bedroom, he grabbed his gun and shot himself.”

Yesterday marked a year after his passing and in memory of the good times, Jane Mukami took to social media with a message celebrating the life he lived.

Happy Memorial Day. As we celebrate our fallen soldiers in the line of duty or otherwise, let us take a moment not to mourn but appreciate the joy, love and light they brought in our lives…

A big smile on my face as always, because today’s workout was special. As soon as I hit play on Pandora to get my workout started, my brother and I’s favorite workout song came on, Worst Behavior by @Drake”Worst” was our code word for #beastmodeor go hard or go home. With him in spirit, and the song in repeat, I gave my 2-hour workout and posing practice all I had (-650 calories) I could hear him say “Sis…Worst!”.

Jane Mukami confesses that despite the fact that they miss him, as a family they are trying their level best to move on. She will never forget him but she will find strength in going on with her life without him.

FULL DETAILS Of How Jane Mukami’s Brother Died

The sun still rises, the earth spins and as much as we miss our loved ones, I have a feeling that they would want for us to move on, live our lives and honor them by finding happiness even in their absence. We miss them, can never forget them, but we find strength every day to Live. As Stephen Would say “WORST” – Let’s keep living.👊

I miss you bro…keep resting.

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