Diamond Platnumz is a smart liar. The estranged husband of Zari recently came out claiming that she cheated on him.
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Well, below are the times Diamond lied during his relationship with Zari.

1. Denying his own blood

In 2017, Diamond, who was having an affair with Hamisa Mobetto while still dating Zari, denied he was the father of her (Hamisa’s) child.

The socialite gave birth to a baby boy who was named Prince Dylan aka Young Simba.

He kept denying until one day when he finally admitted that he was his child.

2. He said Zari was wife material 

In most of his interviews, he praised Zari for being wife material. During his past interview where he admitted that he was Hamisa’s second child’s dad, he said;


His mother also backed him up in 2018, saying Zari was the better option when compared to Mobetto.

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In another interview with Maina Kageni back in 2018, he admitted to cheating on Zari, disrespecting her but she always forgave him.


3. He said he would crawl to South Africa to beg Zari for forgiveness

During the interview the singer was very remorseful and talked about how he was ready to correct his wrongs.

mimi siwezi kuachana na Zari nipo radhi kutembea kwa magoti kutoka hapa hadi South Africa ili mradi anisamehe.

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4. He lied he supports his children

Zari has been complaining about raising their kids alone and Diamond not being in the picture.

In an interview last week with Wasafi TV, Diamond said that he used to send Zari Sh200k for child support but discontinued two months ago. He admitted that he no longer pays child support.

Diamond Platnumz and Zari's kids

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5. Dedicating songs to Zari promising never to leave her

From Utanipenda to Sikomi. The Tanzanian crooner showered Zari with love and promised never to cheat on her. He even thanked her for being the first woman to make him earn the father title.

But recently after she moved on a year after parting ways, he has come out to tarnish her name.

Diamond who’s currently dating Tanasha has promised never to cheat on her.

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6. He always blames women for his failed relationships.

He had dated several women and always blames them when things don’t go well.

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