Everyone is shocked to discover that prolific entertainer Kidum is the new father to baby number 7.

The Burindi born singer – real name Nimbona Jean-Pierre – took to his social media to announce the good news to his fans.

“From Kajiado county after my show yesterday Friday straight to maternity. A bouncing baby boy Kidum Junior! This is the second baby born while I am away performing both born on Friday. His nickname is Kajiado,” Kidum wrote.

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The popular band icon revealed to his fans that the newborn child baby was his current wife’s second child. However, he also has children from his previous relationships.

“Sometimes I laugh when I read news about me! This Kidum junior aka Kajiado is not her firstborn jamani! I have a daughter with her called Nicole. It is true I have now seven children in total but two with this now my wife. Hahahahaha na bado!!!!!”

Kidum also revealed that he almost quit his music career because it has taken him away from his family on occasions where it mattered a lot.


“I am thinking of calling it a quits in music. My wife at that hour was in maternity [Hospital] and I was far away  doing a live performance in kajiado.”

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The singer, who has fought his way to become one of the most celebrated artists in Kenya, migrated into the country as a refugee following the 1995 Burundi tribal clashes.

He met his first wife while he was a refugee, they would later separate five years into their marriage.

“When I went back home to Burundi I met my second wife whom we stayed together for 10 years and then we separated. At this point, my music had started picking up and it was a little bit difficult to balance between career and family. I am with my third wife,” Kidum told The Standard in an interview in 2018.

Now, they are reunited. Kidum bragged about his baby saying,

“She is my number 6 child. Her name is Nimbona Karimi Nicole . Nikisema kwamba mimi ni babayao sasa muelewe kile nakuwaga Niko nasema.”

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