Richest singer Akothee, aka Madam boss, is not entertaining haters this year.

The mother of five, who is known for her controversial dress code, has told off haters in a harsh message she shared on social media.

‘Your dressing as a gospel artist is pathetic!’ Size 8 put on blast by fans

Akothee, who is never shy of speaking her mind, has advised her critics to kindly unfollow her instead of criticising her mode of dressing. She further disclosed that her kids’ school fees per year is worth her critics’ dream car.

“Imagine you are complaining about my dresscode yet you still following me so who is crazy? Me or you? Unlike button ! Talk of my dress code if you pay me to dress up, stop reminding me of my children because their school fees per year is worth your dream car in decades idiot,😂😂😂 don’t remind me about church, you are not going to heaven with me, neither will you be asked about my sins , deal with your situation. I know what and when I talk to my God! Otherwise we won’t be having scandalous pastors, enda kanisa yenu polepole! Achana na maisha yangu, Mimi nilisha haribu 😂😂”

Here are photos of Akothee rocking revealing outfits.













Akothee’s post ignited mixed reactions and here are some of the comments:

Zilpahmaureen: Well spoken👊🏽

Manuitedqueendiva: Hata watoto wa Wanjingi wanasoma Switzerland na bibi yake hasumbui hivi

Reenenolasco: Tell them, sweetheart. Live your life, and they should live theirs.Idiots.They think they have the keys to heaven or the manuals to heaven.Fools!!! Have a wonderful vacation with the fruits of your womb.I love you Akoth Esther Kenya. I am your secret admirer.

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Meely: I like how you keep it 💯💯💯💯imagine the cheeky of it, they are busy telling you how to live your life and yet they are still following so many insta judges.

Cattnduku: Your dress code and walking style are really not you…so please style up and listen to your followers. We only wish the best for you.

Evejwanderluster: Tell them boss lady

Imeldahkagwi: The realest woman in n thus Earth. Love you Akothee

Lindaaggal: Tell them to focus on their miserable lives and let u be.some human beings yawaa pthoooo!!wivu itawaua😂😂😂😂😂.go girl. Just be you and do you.

Estherakinyi: Very beautiful Akothee I like your dressing code

Omariazimo: Akotheee your dress code is your choice.

Victor_ngaremia: Well said 💯💯💯✔✔✔They judge thinking they a so perfect soo right like judge’s on the panel of the righteousness forget themselves

Mildred_chacha: Achaneni na Akothee fanyeni kazi yenu…