Swaleh Mdoe

Swaleh Mdoe’e plight was not all hot air after all. Citizen TV Kiswahili Managing Editor and news anchor Swaleh Mdoe has reportedly lost his prestigious Mercedes-Benz to one of the four banks that he owes millions of shillings in loans even as his financial woes appear to be far from over.

Mercedes-C200, like the one that has been repossesed

He told the Star newspaper on February 16 hours after revealing his plight on social media:

“I’m broke and that is a fact of life. I have pressing financial issues that need to be resolved and the bank cannot top up and help me.”

Mdoe told former KTN employees at a get-together dinner for KTN alumni dubbed KTN62 (in reference to Channel 62 on which the station started its broadcast) last week that he has been forced to hike lifts from friends and colleagues after his car was put up for auction,

Swaleh Mdoe

Some colleagues at Royal Media Services said the Kiswahili anchor, known popularly as Babu, sold the car late last year to offset some debts. He addressed the party attendants, who he asked to support him financially through his pay bill number to save him from selling his kidney. He said:

“Hata kutoka hapa nitaomba lift (even from here I will hike a lift).”

Swaleh Mdoe

It is now emerging that the popular newscaster has been blacklisted by lenders for failure to pay back loans he had been advanced in recent years. Sources close to him say he has loans from four banks.

How will this saga end? Will he be able to pay off his debts?

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