Popular Kenyan rapper Jemedary apparently bumped into the boss lady Huddah Monroe yesterday, and he feels she isn’t worth all the hype. 

According to the famous rapper, there’s nothing praiseworthy about Huddah except her pink Range Rover, short dresses and makeup. Not even her personality? “Her personality scores like a toddler’s shoe size,”he posted.

SAVAGERY! Huddah Monroe And Joe Muchiri Break Kenyan Twitter With An Epic Twitter Exchange (PHOTOS)

Check out his tweets below;

And what did Huddah say after all that? See below, I won’t even change a comma.


“Mr Jemedari( what a stupid name) you sound like a bitch on PMS Attacking me on Twitter ,You on Twitter , where pussy niggas and cowards have opinions. Keyboard champions ?….First off all , my mother taught me not to talk to STRANGERS! Some stupid people expect to meet you on the Streets and expect you to engage in a convo with them . Who the fuck are you ? I only talk when I’m getting PAID bruh. If you want a picture , lets take a damn picture! I keep my mouth shut. I dunno you ?. Then Wait until you go to Twitter where pussy niggas have opinions! Coz talking to a gal like me pained you in real life SMH! Ain’t nobody got time for a washed up ,bitter , dusty cheap suit wearing fool on these streets . Atleast look happy , we might engage in a convo . Not dusty and bitter ! Pick a struggle ! Not everyday someone wants to talk ! Especially to a stranger! SMH! TF!”


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