Two women – presumably a house help and a “rich girl” – caused quite a scene on Monday, October 31 after trading blows in public glare in Roysambu Estate, Nairobi.

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A video of the two ladies exchanging blows has surfaced on social media and although it is still not clear whay they resorted to such extremes, the winner of the duel is very obvious.

As it begins one of the ladies who is dressed in a white t-shirt is seen trampling the other woman (the rich girl) on the ground before pushing her against a car.

They are soon separated and the woman who was on the ground starts jabbing at the “mboch” telling her the Sh3,000 she earns in a month is nothing compared to her pay.

“I’m here, Sh3,000 per month? Do you know how much I earn in a month? Look at your legs, your hair before comparing yourself to me,” she said

And that is when the house help unleashed her wrath in full scale beating the rich girl like a thief. Seemingly, the rich kid does not learn as she is heard hurling more insults.

Here is the video:

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