Mishi Dora & Risper Faith

Dear women with big mouths, if you know you cannot fight to save yourself, cut off your blubber mouth or else, it will land you in trouble.

If you doubt this, ask some of the Nairobi Diaries cast i.e Vera Sidika (ex-cast member), Noti Flow and Mishi.

Well, yesterday drama ensued after Mishi Dora, who once claimed that Brayo (Risper’s fiancee) slid into her DM, provoked Risper Faith. This made Risper Faith furious. Mad furious. Risper gave the mother of two a dog’s beating. Sema kichapo cha umbwa msikitini! Yeye hapendi ujinga!

KHAI!!! Ratchet Socialite Pendo Beats Up Lesbian Rapper Noti Flow LIKE A DOG (VIDEO EVIDENCE)

Word is, the producer of the show warned ladies against reporting such cases to the police. A source told Mpasho that, if you are beaten you are taken to the hospital, your bills paid as long as you don’t take a P3 against your assailant. If you do that you risk being dropped from the show.

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Well, yesterday’s ugly scene left many lashing out at Mishi calling her immature. Many think her drama has become too much and she needs to leave the show and pave way for youngsters. Fans have trolled Mishi and called upon Nairobi Diaries to do away with the scandalous woman whom they have termed as an “attention seeker” and “useless”.

Check out some of the comments.

‘Kwani the show has ran out of casts , huyu mishi zii, replace her asap’ – Liz

‘Mishi you really piss me off, your soo irrelevant. Is this what you want your kids to see on live television??nkt!! Oooh pliiiz,what you portray is not different from who you are.Mothers don’t behave like you, i guess your husband couldn’t cope with your low manners. Hii ratchet itolewe Nairobi diaries’ – Hillary

‘Ever since @mishi showed up its been blows and kicks..can we see something positive from her yawa?’ – African girl

‘Mishi is so immature’ – Wambui

‘Replace this girl already’ – Fridah

Moniq – ‘Yeah she so immature. I just like how @ladyrisper was composed so matured’

Tric – ‘Mishi alipata kichapo cha umbwa msikitini.l@ladyrisper keep it up gal.’
Shiks – Your English is. So pathetic and respect your kids be like Risper

Bin – should be kicked off the show ASAP! All she does is start unnecessary fights and drama! I enjoyed seeing Risper kick her ass!

Bin – She’s absolute trash! I don’t know why she’s still on the show? And you’re right, her English is horrible!

Josphine – get a life fighting will not return back what was said about ur Kids..grow up n shape ur Future for Kids ur @ Risper said sorry u n i

Ooh! If you didn’t know, the highest paid member on Nairobi Diaries is paid 20K per episode and the rest get 15K. Which means the highest paid takes home 80k and the rest 60k. And you still wonder how they can afford weaves and wigs worth 60??

Here is the video