Most of us have pics we took at the iconic Kenyatta International Conference Centre (KICC)  building back in the day that give us memories of the first day in the city.

But it seems those memories will soon be erased after Kenya’s first African Chief Architect David Mutiso, who designed KICC has revealed that he was inspired by a donkey’s erect penis (lipunda) in designing the building in 1968.

KICC designer David Mutiso

In an interview with Citizen TV, Mr Mutiso said that he was contacted by KANU Secretary General Tom Mboya by then to design the headquarter of the then ruling party and late president Mzee Jomo Kenyatta kept revising the sketches and they ended up with 17 floors.

They wanted to build a headquarter for KANU. We started sketching, initially it was a simple four-storey building, it evolved with time. Every time we showed the President, he asked us to go higher and eventually we ended up with 17 floors.

He added;

The initial tower was inspired by a donkey’s penis.

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Mr Mutiso revelations have ignited mixed reactions among Kenyans and below are some of the reactions

Samantha Nyobia: Someone really looked at a donkey’s penis and thought “Wow I could make a building exactly like this” and out came KICC😭😭

Darth Vader: With this new revelation it is only fitting parliament relocated to KICC

TheKshsavge: I can’t look at fireworks at KICC the same way again.


Angel Murphy: Good thing they didn’t put a clock on KICC… because we’d be talking about meeting there at the stroke of the hour…

Amamacho: So KICC’s management been making you people pay to get on top 😁

Jackson Leone: Today’s date is called a palindrome. It can be read from right to left and left to right. 8102018. The day I have known inner details on KICC architecture.

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Xtiandela: I will never look at this KICC picture the same again 😭😭😭


Bravin: KICC design was Influenced by a Donkey’s Penis. No wonder it looks like and inverted or erect Donkey’s Penis. Now we know why Ladies like to be on Top of KICC. 😂

Ahmed Mohamed: What did he say inspired KICC design? The man can’t even be bothered. He just casually said it. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Oliver Mathenge: With the revelation of what inspired the architectural design of the KICC, such photos now make a lot of sense.


Mollage: Never getting on top of KICC again. Yuck.

Viona: No wonder KICC is such a steady building..the inspiration behind how it was erected is quite astonishing. Mind blowing even! Okay, I’ll show myself out..😞

Monyque: Ladies yaani we’ve been paying KICC to get on top! I’m so sad. We’ve been through so much. It’s a wonder we’re still alive. Men are trash.





President Uhuru’s nice Nana Gecaga is the CEO of KICC.

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