Sean Andrew, Kibaki’s grandson is catching the eyes of hungry city girls once again. After being trash-zoned by his long term girlfriend and Youtuber Elodie Zone, the rich kid is showing Elodie what she has been missing.

We know him with his long dreadlocks, well part of the dreads that give Nairobi girls sleepless nights are not there anymore. Yes, he shaved them! Perhaps he might have sold part of them. I heard you can donate dreads to people aspiring to have dreads too. Is that what they call human hair?

‘You Treated Me Like Garbage!!!!’ Kibaki’s Grandson SCREAMS At Ex Girlfriend Elodie Zone!

Sean was thrown into the limelight after giving a beautiful send off message at his late grandmother’s – Lucy Kibaki – requiem mass a few months ago.He would later get the attention of all the fisilets and made headlines with his public relationship.

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But the downfall of loving this heartthrob of a hunk is the fact that he gets pissed off pretty fast. Sean publicly broke up with his girlfriend and later went on to call her “toxic” and a “drug user.”

The lad has come out to reveal the looks Elodie is missing after she ditched him. Check him out;

sean andrew 2