khaligraph jones
khaligraph jones. photo credit: Instagram/khaligraph jones

Khaligraph Jones has been on the up and up, trying to solidify his claim that he is one of Kenya’s best rappers. This will undoubtedly lead to hate and jealousy from other concerned parties.


Recently, rapper Octopizzo captioned an image on his Instagram page with the words:

“Ambieni ile raia ya kuCopyPaste kila kitu akopi hii pia 😂😂 GANGGANG #Apantambua 
#PAST link on Bio 
#deer #hunting #fashion #album #dropship#travel #alexanderwang #style #newmusic#originalcharacter #king #8.”


This was taken by many social media commentators to be a subtle hit at Khaligraph Jones. The two have had a relationship that has been a constant back and forth with constant lulls.

Khaligraph Jones
Khaligraph Jones with flashy ride

But this last comment looked like a restarting of hostilities. We reached out to Khaligraph Jones to get his point of view, his thoughts and feelings:

“I don’t have a comment.”

When asked about his song with new song with Sauti Sol is when he gave out something resembling a comeback.

He said:

“The song is dropping soon. Nowadays we don’t talk. We let our actions speak on our behalf. Today I am still dropping a new video on Youtube.” 

Khaligraph Jones
Khaligraph Jones. photo credit: Instagram/Khaligraph Jones

When we asked about the name of the song with Sauti Sol, his response was cagey.

“You just have to chill the minute we give out that information. Mtajua tu!”

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