Rapper Khaligraph Jones has been  featured on the CNN African Voices show . He joins other fellow Kenyan Celebrities like Caroline Mutoko ,Octopizzo and Eric Wainaina who have also been on the program.

Khaligraph Jones had been trending on social media due to his skin bleaching.His song ‘Toa Tint’ which was the talk of the town.


However he seems to be more focused on music than the bleaching fiasco online.

In  an interview with CNN  : Khaligraph opens up about his  struggles before he became famous.

I remember I presented my music to the local radio station, and they told me, ‘Khaligraph your content is so WESTERNIZED, you need to LOCALIZE your content.’ It was hard for me.”


He also explains his musical style:

“It’s a little influenced from the Americans because of the kind of music we listen to out here… Probably the pronunciation of words is a little bit WESTERNIZED, but the message is Africa… When you see me, I’m always representing Africa.”

Furthermore Khaligraph advises upcoming artistes:

“I only talk about my experiences I wouldn’t talk about something that I haven’t been through… I believe patience is key. Hard work and you’re going to shine at the end if you push it the way it’s supposed to be pushed. Patience is key.”

The rapper also stated that he intends to give back to the community and start his own record label.