Khaligraph Jones is a master of lyrics. 


That is the title and the music video more than illustrates the lyrics of the song.

The hardcore rapper has gone soft on this one.

He has also given his female fans a glimpse into his sexual prowess.

Kenyan Singer Just Offered Khaligraph Jones Some Kinky Sex And She’s Not Shy About It (VIDEO)

Allow me to chambua kama karanga, this RnB song and put into context what women like.

This post is for the men who want to know how to please a woman.

Papa Jones lyrics are panty droppers.

He uses his fingers and tongue

Yes he does. He said it right there in the lyrics. Men, here is a tip, a lady needs to touched and licked before she can fully surrender to you. Why? You ask. Because PAPA JONES SAID SO! He is the head boy.

He can tell when you are wet

Yes, he says that in the lyrics too. A man with a good sense of timing is godsend. Papa Jones is not in a hurry to start sweating ontop of a dry damsel. Wasee, story ya mate, tia zii. He takes his time to work the system till you are “dripping wet”. Then he will “hit you with the D.”

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Know what you want and be straight forward about it

The chorus is straight forward and to the point. He is not hinting. He says what he wants and what he will do to you.

“Girl you know I’m about to get you [email protected]… so come with me to my room… get [email protected]


Who would say no to that? Sisi hapan tambua vitendawili. Just say what you want.

His video vixen is hot and oozes class

Men, if you are seen with ratchets that is whom you will sample forever. No classy chic will look at your a** twice. Borrow a leaf from Papa Jones and hang with classy chics brah!


White is the new black

The fashion on the video is titillating. The leading lady is drapped in cute outfits that accentuate her beautiful body shape. Anyhow, chics dig colour white. And they crush even harder on a man who wears white well.


Watch the video below for more visual instructions.

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