Khaligraph jones
khaligraph jones. photo credit: Instagram/khaligraph jones

Khaligraph Jones aka Papa Jones spoke to Chito on the Maloko show on Kiss100 recently. He was talking about 3 million shillings house that he posted a video about. He was surprised that people just pick things and run with them without evidence.

Kashy uko wapi? Is this the girl who might just be warming Khaligraph Jones bed this cold season?

Khaligraph Jones

I just post innocently, first of all, let me just clarify that the house is not even my house, I was actually doing a show in Kitale, and that’s where I was staying so that ain’t my house for clarification purposes 

He has plans of building a house but he prefers keeping things privately to avoid any trouble. He says that he brags with the things that are his because he knows where he has come from and he appreciates his hustle.

Khaligraph Jones
Khaligraph Jones. photo credit: Instagram/Khaligraph Jones

Papa Jones took the entertainment industry by surprise when he bought himself a range rover sport with the money from all his craft as a rapper.