Khaligraph Jones and Kantai were pretty close. Jones has gone on record even going as far as acknowledging the late MC as his OG (original gangsta).

So you will understand why some of the pair’s fans felt like Khaligraph a.k.a Baba Yao abandoned Kantai who met his untimely demise earlier in the year. There has been alot of chattering and yammering with critics pressing Khaligraph for a comment as to why he is busy mourning the passing of American rapper Nipsey Hussle who few Kenyans got the opportunity to appreciate in life.

Rapper Kantai
The departed rapper

If anything, the insinuation is that he abandoned Kantai and has jumped on the bandwagon that is mourning Nipsey. He has taken exception to this allegation and he responded on Twitter saying:

Interestingly, Cyprian Nyakundi added his voice to Khaligraph’s insisting that everything possible was attempted for Kantai: