This is traumatizing! Khaligraph Jones is dead.

The question is, who killed him?

A Kenyan police squad who have been identified as Hessy have been killing gangs from the hood where they have been terrorizing Nairobi residents. Well, Kenyan rapper Khaligraph Jones has come out to speak for them as he recently posted himself in a casket which elicited mixed reactions.

Local Rapper Khaligraph Jones At It Again! Your Mind Will Be Blown Away If You See What He Has Done (VIDEO EVIDENCE)

The rapper’s video is now out, one that he has dubbed Gaza. What traumatizes many is the fact that he is laying in a casket wearing all white as he pretends to be dead.

He raps:

“I’ve been having messed up nights and f*cked up days,now i’m supposed to chill now? There’s no way i’m doing that when the nigga Hessy is still out here, we gon get him too ma nigga….Coz all these sorrow hessy is gon pay for it.I promise to avenge your death bro wait for it…”

He went on to say:

“He took your life, he’s happy now?I can’t wait to see him lifeless, dead.,deceased…I swear he ain’t ready for whatever we got. I got the crew ready and he better be top.”

khaligraph j

‘The Casket Will Be Shut On Your A**, You’re The DUMBEST Ni*ga Alive’ Fans Respond To Khaligraph Jones

In the video, you can see has an outer-body experience as his spirit haunts him as it begins to speak to him. His ‘dead’ self, tells the living Khaligraph to stop the violence and the killings which is a referrence to the many notorious gangs around Nairobi’s hoods.

“Stop the violence, stop the killing…”

Lets just say Khaligraph is in a class of his own. I mean, who has guts to do a project like this?! Even with the mixed reactions among fans, it is evident that Khaligraph might be hitting international markets very soon.

khaligraph 2


Here is the video: