Georgina Muteti
Georgina Muteti, Khaligraph's wife

Khaligraph Jones has received possibly the best ever endorsement of his character this week. His wife looks to be defending him in a message she posted on her Instagram page from abuse allegations that have been swirling around him this past month.

Khaligraph Jones and Cashy
Khaligraph Jones and Cashy in happier times

Georgina Muteti, Khaligraph’s baby mama, is sending a strong message to her man’s ex. She wrote a message which seemed to address Kashy’s recent claims that Khaligraph had been abusive towards her.

we might have had the same guy but we definitely didn’t have him the same way…remember that…

The screenshot's
The screenshot’s

She then added:

Iwe funzo (let this be a lesson).

The screenshot's
Khaligraph with Georgina

Kashy has been vocal the last month claiming that Khaligraph was physically abusive. During an interview with Kiss100, she said:

There was violence, though I would not discuss it now. many women are always like when it happens to me, I will leave, but when it happens to you with someone you have been with for long, you actually get confused. he said it would not happen again. he was sorry when it happened the first time, and that he came from a violent family. however, the beating was constant. It’s painful and negative baggage because I was quiet about it.

Khaligraph Jones and Cashy
Khaligraph Jones and Cashy in the past

Khaligraph later released a track called beat it with many assuming that it was a response to Kashy’s claims about him.

Khaligraph Jones
The muscular rapper posing

Khaligraph and Georgina have kept their relationship under wraps with the rapper stating that it she preferred it that way.

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