The rapper is looking bigger

Khaligraph Jones has become swole (for those of you who don’t know gym lingo, that means, ameunga!). Fans have noticed his rapid increase in size from big to Mr Universe BIG.

Utapasuka! Fans concerned about Khaligraph Jones bigger look

The man has been sharing his gym journey on his social media and some are asking what soup he is using. The underlying current in the questions was puzzlement at how he could have achieved such growth at such a fast rate.

The real O.G with the black hat in the gym

We called and asked the rapper how he had been able to get that much bigger at such a fast pace. He said that he has always been big from way back.

Octopizzo with Khaligraph
Octopizzo with Khaligraph in the past

He added that the people who were asking did not spend much time in the gym and that people who had a dedication to it, could understand his journey. He also asked incredulously?

Do they want to ask if I am using steroids? Do you think you can eat steroids and not go to the gym and then get bigger? 

The rapper is now much bigger

We pestered him further and asked him point blank whether he was using steroids, he retorted by saying,

‘What do you think?’

He then added:

Kama ni steroids ama si steroids shida yao gani! Watu waende gym, waache kukonda!

Khaligraph also explained that his reason for going hard in the gym is that he wants to be the best at whatever he does; Be it at rapping, looking good, even his money-game.

Rapper Khaligraph Jones
The rapper showing off his muscles in a tight black shirt

Was the ‘Omollo’ rapper happy with where his body was at the moment? He said that at the moment he is now conditioning, to tone his body.

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