Joe Muchiri lookalike

Musician and events planner Ephantus Lando aka Papa Lando254 has on several occasions been mistaken for Twitter bigwig Joe Muchiri.

Lando, a father of one, who’s also a gym enthusiast bears a freakish resemblance to Muchiri but they aren’t related by blood.

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Just like Muchiri, he is a party goer and very social at least according to his Instagram account.

Asked how he reacts when people mistake him for Muchiri, he told,

‘People confuse me for Joe mostly during events and at entertainment joints and I just laugh it off.’

On whether women fall for him thinking he’s Muchiri, the Rhumba artiste laughed saying,

‘I got game and looks, I don’t need to like another celebrity to win mamas.’

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He has released three songs; Sitaki kua your ex featuring Gabu, Ajali Jogoo Road and Legeza. Check out photos of Papa Lando

Papa Lando Papa Lando

Papa Lando Papa Lando Papa Lando

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