Noti Flow vs Pendo

Girls fight? Hmm. I don’t remember if I have ever fought or if I can try such. I only see women fight on WWE but yesterday I was amused when I came across this video of controversial socialite Pendo aka the Ghetto Princess and lesbian rapper Noti Flow fighting each other.

I have never watched Nairobi Diaries but yesterday I had to. It all started when Noti Flow joined Pendo, the scandalous socialite Risper Faith and another lady for some “garlie talk” at a popular lounge but the date turned sour. Noti Flow was given a dog’s beating by Pendo who is known for fighting her counterparts both on and off the show.

Pendo and her friends claimed that Noti Flow did not greet them when she joined them and so this made them feel bad leading to a fight. Wait. Salamu tuu? Enyewe mluhya ni salamu. While Pendo and Noti were still arguing, the self-proclaimed ghetto queen pounced on Noti and within seconds, things became worse prompting guards to intervene. Pendo was arrested but later released.

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Well, this is not the first time a cat fight is happening on Nairobi Diaries. A few months ago, Pendo attacked Vera Sidika and almost killed her. Last month again, Vanessa Chettle attacked Prezzo’s girlfriend Michelle Yola and she was arrested and spent a night behind bars. These heinous acts have left many condemning the show claiming that it promotes violence and prostitution among young women. But why hasn’t Pendo attacked the likes of Vanessa and Risper Faith? Does it mean that they are “badder than her” and she only attacks the weak?

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If you missed the video, watch it here