…We hereby stand for Justice,  let every eye watch and let it be taken to the streets up to the high offices that WE DEMAND JUSTICE FOR FARID.

Since then the news have shown four incidents of men who were stabbed to death by their “girlfriends “, does the society not see the need for awareness to our brothers and sons?  Are we so vane to be taken away by a glorifying event that just happened in the prisons? is this the new indication of a reformed person?   is one year now the sentence to cold murder?  I believe each one of you has a son or a brother..

Let the family grieve in peace and let not the corrupt ways touch this matter in Jesus name Amen.”

Narrated a witness. The sad story has left many baying for Ruth’s blood claiming that being in prison is not enough; they want justice done to the late Farid’s family. Stay here for part two of this story.