Early this week social media was set ablaze after photos of the newly crowned Miss Lang’ata Women’s Prison Ruth Kamande surfaced online. Many congratulated her and some even went ahead to praise Ruth. This is something that the family and friends of the late Farid Mohammed; the man who was killed by Ruth did not like.

Meet The Woman Who Stabbed Her Boyfriend 22 Times In Buruburu (PHOTO)

On the 20th of September 2015, Ruth Kamande alias Biggy  stabbed her boyfriend Farid 22 times in Buru Buru, Nairobi county after finding a love message on his phone. Since then, life has never been the same for the family and friends of the late. They think that justice has not been served even though Ruth is in jail. A page named #JusticeforFarid on Facebook has attracted many who have been posting a lot about Farid’s death and here is a sad story of how things transpired on the day Ruth Kamande killed Farid.

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“On 20th September 2015 Sunday morning 8.30am, the cry of the late Farid Mohammed were heard, “unaniua! Unaniua!  ” translation “you are killing me! ,you are killing me! !”

His attacker had no mercy that morning, even with the pleads that came from a neighbor through the window to open the door and to take it easy, Farid who was still alive & standing pleading too but already sustained multiple stabs in the chest and stomach, found hope in the neighbour’s voice and could manage to stand longer thinking that rescue and comfort was near.

That moment right there, was a chance to save his life,  but the attacker refused to open the door, standing with knife in hand blocked the exit for Farid from the bedroom and at the bedroom entrance, proceeded with the last fatal stabs that sent Farid collapsing by the foot of the bed, a witness by the window said he heard Farid pray and then it all went silent.

An umbrella that belong to one of the witness who was trying ways to defend Farid through the now broken windows, was found on the bed,  meaning all attempts and shouts from those outside the house failed to change the attacker’s focus.

Pleads to open the door before attempting to cut it open, were honored after the attacker heard the sound of the Police’s gun against the broken window panes, threatening her to open the door,  and by throwing the keys at them the door was opened from outside.